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  Kanna Cosmetics Company (KCC) is a relatively new name to the domestic market, however, we are very proud to be a member of Viet Huong Cosmetics Co., Ltd – a company with a thickness of more than ten years. Experience in the field of cosmetic manufacturing – the leading OEM cosmetic manufacturer in Vietnam, our company gathers many leading research experts in the cosmetic industry, coming from key laboratories. at home and abroad, with the goal of providing the cosmetic market with true values ​​from training, research and development to supply of raw materials towards export to regional and international markets.

Every formula product of Kanna Cosmetics from the time it was an idea to the time it was actually put on the market went through a long process of research and evaluation before it was widely applied. Only materials that are really safe and meet quality standards are put into application in the  products.


The current spearhead development orientation of the company is to promote sales of raw material products, specialize in the field of cosmetics with high efficiency, safety and constantly improve the quality of supply.

Besides,  Kanna Company is also proud of a team of enthusiastic, highly qualified professionals and staff with professional customer care services. Kanna Cosmetics Co., Ltd. will bring customers good products with the best service, ensuring satisfaction for all customers.

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